Ben Carson – A Right Choice For HUD Secretary Or Not?

Is Having A Celebrated Medical Career Enough To Be Nominated As A HUD Secretary?

The new question arising among the critics is whether Ben Carson is the right choice for being a secretary of HUD, Housing and Urban Development. The retired neurosurgeon, Ben Carson who was nominated by President-elect Donald J. Trump, has put doubts in the critics regarding his training or the lack thereof to run the Public Housing.

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The duty of a Housing and Urban Development Secretary is to make sure that the low income families have a decent place to live in a safe neighbourhood. Federal Housing Administration is run by the HUD and it is the means to access loans distributing money through the Community Development Block Grant program.

This is the funding pool put in use for reconstruction after the natural disaster such as storms and floods occur. HUD enforces the Fair Housing Act which states that any kind of discrimination of housing is illegal and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program assists in housing the poor.

It is said that Dr. Carson with a neurosurgery background has more experience of working on someone’s brain rather than with real estate, economic development and creating housing for people. Dr Carson grew up in Detroit in poor economic conditions and by the time he was in his thirties, he was a famous neurosurgeon.

Still, it is critiqued that having a successful medical career is far different than running the federal housing bureaucracy. The previous HUD secretaries had government experience such as George Romney who was a governor before becoming a HUD secretary and the current HUD secretary, Julian Castro also was a mayor.

That experience can be a crucial element allowing the HUD to relate with people on economical level. Although it is said by some critics that his riches to rags story could be used to relate with people and by learning the latest innovations in the housing department, he can do well.

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