Can Hillary Clinton Still Reach The White House? The Possibilities!

Amidst all the chaos after the election results, there are speculation if Hillary Clinton can still become the president of the United States and take the White House herself. As shocking as it may sound, but there are ways which could help the Democrat representative become the President- as believed by her supporters. The former Senator from New York still has a slim chance of emerging as a winner in the elections.

hillary clinton-Stephanie Ovadia

As reported by The Heavy, Electoral College is yet to vote on the outcome and though Trump has the majority he might not become the next President. The fog of uncertainty is still floating as there is no guarantee whether each and every state will vote in favour of Trump. Theoretically speaking, each state could negate the election results and side with Clinton during the vote.

Currently a petition is in circulation addressed to the Electoral College asking them to ignore Trump as the elected one. With a general perception that deems Trump unfit as the President and that the popular votes were secured by Hillary. Till date about four million people have signed the petition with millions more expected to sign it. However, it is not necessary that the request would be taken into consideration.

The numbers between the candidates were very close and thus the vote recount can lead to considerable differences. There hasn’t been any request from either candidates for a recount. Since Clinton list by a thin margin in some states, her supporters suspect that some of the votes might have been miscounted making Trump’s election a huge mistake.

‘Faithless Electors’ have played a significant role in the US Political history with around 157 such incidents ever since Electoral College was created. Hillary’s supporters strongly hope that the faithless elector supports the democrat representative over Trump and prevent him from gaining presidency as the White House.

If the faithless electors choose Hillary during the vote, Trump would lose the lead he has got thanks to the Electoral College. Will there be a turn of events? Will Hillary become the next President adding another chapter in the US Politics? These questions will be answered in time.

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Stephanie Ovadia is a practicing attorney, radio personality and mother of eight children. Stephanie's areas of practice include entertainment law and personal injury. She received her B.A. in political science from SUNY Binghamton and her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law.

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