Family Archive

19 Jan 2015


I found the following essay that my daughter Lana wrote. I thought it was a powerful example of the profound impact people, especially teachers, can have in other people’s lives. This story my daughter describes, while old,
16 Jan 2015

Sophia’s Awesome Essay

My daughter wrote this interesting, brief historical fiction for a class. She received an A+ on it. Great job Sophia! Ever notice how your stuff randomly goes missing. This is not your fault but the job of
28 Feb 2014

RIP Craig

Today was a sad day. My husband of seven years was buried today. He was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer. Please don’t smoke and if you do…quit. He was way too young to die.
23 Dec 2013

Sophia Qualified for John Hopkins CTY!

My twelve year old daughter Sophia just found out she did well enough on the SAT to qualify for John Hopkin’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY). CTY is a program designed to prepare young students for future
6 Dec 2013

All My Kids Are Coming Back!

I’m so excited that all my children are coming back this year for the holiday season, so I’m even preparing the rooms even for the little kids which is easier since Treasure Room allows you to shop
2 Dec 2013

Sophia’s Essay Got Published!

My twelve year old daughter just got her essay published in her school newsletter. Earlier this year, she wrote a short essay about growing up with hopes of getting it published in a forthcoming book of student’s
16 Nov 2013

Holiday Shopping

I started the holiday shopping for my family and already my children are trying to see what I bought,I was looking for the best leather purses for the mother, while toys for the children.  I walked into the
14 Nov 2013


I just heard that Walmart is opening at 6:00 pm and that the line will be starting at 10:00 am. At those times, I’m figuring that Thanksgiving dinner needs to take place at 6:00 AM in order
13 Nov 2013

Barron’s Eye

What a night! Last night while my youngest son was doing his homework he managed to scratch his cornea. He crumpled up some paper to throw away and managed to graze his eye with the paper in