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17 Nov 2016

If You Smell! If The Rock Is Running For President?

A beloved Wrestling sensation, an adored actor and a millionaire- Dwayne The Rock Johnson dropped a people’s elbow by stating that he might seek the president’s office in the next US elections and become the next President
18 Jan 2016

It’s Finally Cold Outside !

Winter is finally here ! For months we have experienced freakishly warm weather. However, yesterday winter made its presence known. I was very surprised when I looked out the window and saw snowflakes falling from the sky.
4 Jan 2016

30 days Without Internet

A student sent me this interesting essay about social media and the digital divide. Could you go 30 days without the internet ? Check it out : When you open your laptop and go on the internet
14 Dec 2015

70 Degrees in December !!

Its 11 days away from Christmas and what beautiful weather we are having. It’s awesome and horrifying. Yesterday, in New York it was 70 degrees. People were outside in shorts and tank tops in December. Two years
14 Sep 2015

New Office, Same Fun Style !

Stephanie G. Ovadia’s law office recently opened at 1080 Grand Avenue Suite 200F South Hempstead, NY.  In her office you can find some fun and eccentric items. These are not items found in an average law office
23 Feb 2014

Pot Stocks?

I recently heard about a surge in the value of marijuana related stocks. Personally, I’m a little worried about these types of stocks. Apparently since Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana on the state level, investors are
13 Dec 2013

The O Show is BACK!

My radio show, the Stephanie O Show, is almost ready. Within the next few weeks, the show will broadcast LIVE on Long Island’s new talk radio station. I’m so excited, I just cannot wait for the show
27 Nov 2013

Car Accident

  I was in a car crash. Do I need an accident attorney? In the moments after a car crash, so many questions swirl in your mind: Is everyone OK? How much damage was done to the
13 Nov 2013

A Book By Blog

Everyone has asked me over the years to write a book. I decided that the best way to do this would be by comprising a daily blog to begin writing my story. My life is pretty busy