It’s Getting Messy Now- This Could Be One of Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces Ever

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were ready to celebrate their eighth year wedding anniversary, but their relationship got heated up with divorce rumours. The “Finding Dory” star in an interview admits that she used to be scared her wife would ruin her career. Portia de Rossi had enough and is now finally heading for divorce.


The couple had marital problems over the past year. A recent claim made implicated that de Rossi, 41, has spent time in a rehab facility. An insider tells people they are taking it all in stride. Portia during the relation has been quite outspoken about the issues between them like her eating disorder. The couple did work out many difficulties in the past. They also shared many passions like renovating house and animal causes etc. DeGeneres maintained that they plan to be together for a long time constantly reciting to each other that they are lucky to be together.

Portia de Rossi sometimes felt overwhelmed about their passions, she felt she was doing everything herself and has finally had enough. After eight years of her wife Ellen DeGeneres’ controlling behaviour, now the couple argues more than ever and are looking for a divorce. Virga law firm will offer an excellent settlement for them.

After years of ups and downs, Portia’s has a growing unhappiness with her role as a trophy wife. The couple fights upon Ellen’s drinking and her lavish spending, mostly on real estate and her busy schedule and how she doesn’t want Portia to work. After a long struggle of maintaining their marriage happily, divorce is forthcoming and is not going to be easy due to Ellen’s $345 million fortune. A good portion of Ellen’s fortune is at sake.

This breakup is reported to be one of the Hollywood’s most expensive, ugliest and dirtiest divorces ever. To get legal help in family matters get in touch with Family attorney in Rochester.

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