Why To Hire A Product Liability Lawyer

The products are expected to work as intended. You can take the help of consumer court if a product defect results in injury or death. As a consumer, it is your legal right. All the manufacturers, designers, and distributor are legally responsible to ensure the safety of products.

There are different types of product liability cases. There are several reasons of liability for product defects. It may be an outcome of a defect in design, and manufacturing process. In a design defect case, a product is found to be designed in an unreasonable manner. On the other hand, a product is constructed defectively through a mistake in the assembly process.


Have you ever injured by a product? Don’t hesitate to contact the Stephanie Ovadia for a free consultation. The law office of G. Ovadia mainly focuses on investigating and evaluating the legal claims of the clients. The following are theories of liability that are the major cause of product liability:

Strict products liability.
Breach of warranty.

According to this Miranda Rights Law Firm, it is usually noticed that consumer protection laws are implicated in a product liability action. The main goal of the product liability is to execute that the product in question was defective and harmful for product users. It is very important to preserve the evidence when you suffer an injury as a bad effect of the product. Due to the insufficient, you may lose the case. Once you suffer from a product related injury, you must perform the following actions:

Try to preserve the product and don’t throw it out.
Make sure the product is safely stored.
Expert Examination of the Product.
Take the photograph of the scene, product, and injury.

While evaluating the product liability claim, it is a very important to examine the offending product. It works as a critical piece of work, especially in the event of litigation. With the advancements in technology, it has become very easy to capture the evidences because almost every cell phone is equipped with a camera. Don’t forget to save the following things for the secure documentation.

Secure Documentation
The box of the product
Sales Receipt

Apart from this, If there is any other documentation relating the product is information, never forget to preserve it. The accident reports and witness statements are sought on the basis of the specific facts. To turn the case into your favour, it is very important to hire a professional product liability lawyer.

The Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia is located on the Located on Long Island that has provided legal representation to many people suffering because of using the wrong product. All the Long Islanders and other New York residents are the regular clients of G. Ovadia. For more than two decades, she has been working in this industry.

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Stephanie Ovadia is a practicing attorney, radio personality and mother of eight children. Stephanie's areas of practice include entertainment law and personal injury. She received her B.A. in political science from SUNY Binghamton and her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law.

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