Private School paid for by NYC due to Severe Bullying

Every year bullying affects thousands of children across the United States. Bullying can have a negative impact on a child that lasts a lifetime. Bullying most commonly happens at school. Severe bullying often results in a child having to change schools or to enroll in private school. As of recently a NYC public school has been held responsible for one year tuition at a private school for a child who had been severely bullied.

In a landmark decision a US Court decided that the principal and teachers at PS 6 did not prevent or stop a disabled students from being bullied which violates the US Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This resulted in NYC paying for the bullied student’s private school tuition.

The severe bullying occurred when the student was at third grader at PS 6. The family has endured a 7 year court battle. New York City will be paying $28,000 for one year of tuition and possibly $280,000 in legal fees. Now at 17 the student is “flourishing,” says her mother.

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Stephanie Ovadia is a practicing attorney, radio personality and mother of eight children. Stephanie's areas of practice include entertainment law and personal injury. She received her B.A. in political science from SUNY Binghamton and her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law.

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