Sophia’s Awesome Essay

SophiaMy daughter wrote this interesting, brief historical fiction for a class. She received an A+ on it. Great job Sophia!

Ever notice how your stuff randomly goes missing. This is not your fault but the job of Solisius. Solisius is the god of the lost and found. If he sees something that he wants he uses his powers to put you in a trance and make you forget all your items. Once you leave he takes the item that he desires with him. When he has grown bored of the item Solisius drops the item in the lost and found and takes something new.

Solisius was born on Mount Olympus. His parents Hermes (the god of roadway, travelers, merchants and thieves) and Hecates (goddess of magic, crossroads and ghost) had Solisius on a clear blue night. Soon after his birth the gods had a party to celebrate the birth of a new god. Solisius spent his child life growing up on Mount Olympus and watching the humans down on earth.

When Solisius was around 32 he took human form and went down to earth. He found the humans interesting and wanted the humans to have better morality. One day Solisius experimented by taking form of a schoolboy and sneakily taking an ungrateful teachers wallet. Solisius soon felt bad when he saw the teacher cry about loosing his wallet. Soon after Solisius made the lost in found. He had decided that he was going to make the humans grateful for what they have by taking it away. When he felt the human had learned their lesson he would award the human his/her possession again.

Solisius devotes his god powers to making humans have better morality. Teaching them to appreciate their belongings instead of taking them for granted. Solisius used his powers to make a profound difference on earth.

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