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21 Dec 2016

Pedestrian Accidents & How Right Legal Representation Can Help You

One of the most irregular things that can occur to a person is the occurrence of an accident. It usually happens at the most unexpected time. While one can take cares, you can never really be prepared
7 Dec 2016

Ben Carson – A Right Choice For HUD Secretary Or Not?

Is Having A Celebrated Medical Career Enough To Be Nominated As A HUD Secretary? The new question arising among the critics is whether Ben Carson is the right choice for being a secretary of HUD, Housing and
29 Nov 2016

After Celebrating The Thanksgiving Day – Recount Of Votes In The State Of Wisconsin.

President – elect Donald Trump being infuriated by the news for a recount in the three states responsible for his electoral victory. Hillary Clinton claims for recount of votes and Donald trump has attacked her for her
21 Nov 2016

It’s Getting Messy Now- This Could Be One of Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces Ever

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were ready to celebrate their eighth year wedding anniversary, but their relationship got heated up with divorce rumours. The “Finding Dory” star in an interview admits that she used to be
17 Nov 2016

If You Smell! If The Rock Is Running For President?

A beloved Wrestling sensation, an adored actor and a millionaire- Dwayne The Rock Johnson dropped a people’s elbow by stating that he might seek the president’s office in the next US elections and become the next President
15 Nov 2016

Can Hillary Clinton Still Reach The White House? The Possibilities!

Amidst all the chaos after the election results, there are speculation if Hillary Clinton can still become the president of the United States and take the White House herself. As shocking as it may sound, but there
11 Nov 2016

First 100 Days Of Trump- Measures To Reform Washington And Improve Trade

As Donald Trump made his way to the top and was elected the new President of the United States Of America, his popular campaign pitches which include- “drain the swamp” and “reduce the corrupting influence of special
10 Nov 2016

Trump Victorious! How Immigration Changes From Here?

As the fog of uncertainty is lifted and Trump appeared as an undisputed winner of the most anticipated US Elections 2016, he has promised to make America great again and put his heart and soul into honouring
8 Nov 2016

Election Fever Amidst The Shimmering Stardust!

The realm of politics has lightened up in the past couple of months. The political scenario has heated up as the judgement day draws near. There are some renowned names that have popped up in the heated
7 Nov 2016

Tease Your Brain- Four Fingers Or Just Another Illusion?

Ever come across someone with only four fingers on their hand? No, this isn’t magic but a well created illusions. But, it is confusing many twitter users and has become an ultimate brain teaser for everyone. After