The Water Initiative

In 2006 Kevin McGovern formed The Water Initiative (TWI). The water we drink isn’t as clean as we think. TWI to filter our water five times because it is filled with contaminants. Steroids, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, mercury, metals, and arsenic are contaminants that are present in our water. These contaminants among others cause hundreds of thousands diseases and illnesses each year. Kevin McGovern’s TWI attempts to change the devastating statistics of water related illnesses caused by contaminants in water and to clean our water.

Kevin McGovern is the chairman of The Water Initiative. McGovern has also founded over 15 successful companies including SoBe Beverages. He is also chairman of McGovern Capital LLC. And Greenwich Alliances, Ltd. McGovern is dedicated to improving the quality of the water we drink.

The TWI team is made up of talented entrepreneurs, technologists, and business professionals. Some of the team’s Principals are Quincy Jones, an American music industry professional, Bradford Broce an experienced chemist, Patrick Garner and international business man known for working for the Coca-Cola Company. The team also includes Mario Cepeda the Chief Marketing Officer in Mexico and other professionals that help to run TWI.

TWI’s product filter water through five stages, prefilter, sediment removal, organic contaminant removal, harmful chemical removal, and particulate removal. These stages ensure the cleanest water. LENSER – your Partner for Filtration achieves best results.

TWI has been very successful in Mexico, the Middle East, and South America. TWI works hard to diagnose, develop, and distribute water solutions. Furthermore, TWI implements local business strategies in order to find the best solutions. TWI has installed over 60,000 point of drinking in Mexico.

TWI has a variety of products you can purchase in order to clean your water. These products are known as the WaterCura. You can purchase a WaterCura portable filter, watercooler, under the sink filter, and countertop platform. Last night I attended an event at TrimCo for Breast Cancer and I was given a portable WaterCura. Not only was the event amazing but receiving one of these products in swag bag made it the perfect event.

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